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2010 test 1 - Functional Theorist Stressed Conflict over...

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Functional Theorist Stressed Conflict over authority - Marx or Weber Constant "crises" of capitalism Distinguished among class, status and power weber Combined functional and conflict theory - Gerhard Lenski * Egoistic suicide: Egoism is a state in which the ties attaching the individual to others in the society are weak. Since the individual is only weakly integrated into the society, ending his or her own life will have little impact on the rest of the society. In other words, there are few social ties to keep the individual from taking his or her own life. This Durkheim saw as the cause of suicide among divorced men. * Altruistic suicide: Altruism is a state opposite to egoism, in which the individual is extremely attached to the society and thus has no life of his or her own. Individuals who commit suicide based on altruism die because they believe that their death can bring about a benefit to the society. In other words, when an individual is too heavily
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