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hw 5 - 7.Small telescopes are often advertised as"200...

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1. Why would you not plot sound waves in the electromagnetic spectrum? Because sound waves are acoustic and not electromagnetic in nature. Sound waves require a medium to propagate. electromagnetic waves propagate through a vacuum by means of the oscillating electric and magnetic fields. That’s why in space no one can hear you scream. 3.Why do nocturnal animals usually have large pupils in their eyes? How is that related to astronomical telescopes? ' Larger pupils to collect more lights, like bigger primary lens collects more lights.
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Unformatted text preview: 7.Small telescopes are often advertised as "200 power" or "magnifies 200 times." As someone knowledgeable about astronomical telescopes, how would you improve such advertisements? Magnifying Power is a less important power of the three powers of telescopes. it's better to emphasis on the other two powers: light gathering power and resolving power. 11. Why would radio astronomers build identical radio telescopes in many different places around the world?...
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