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Joshua-1kings11 review questions

Joshua-1kings11 review questions - Joshua – 1 Kings 11...

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Joshua – 1 Kings 11 Student Study Questions 1. True or false the first major judge was Samuel. False the first major judge was Othneil 2. When David first became King it was over what tribe of Israel? a.) Dan b.) Issachar c.) Levi d.) Judah D Judah * Pg. 278 CBGTP 3. Explain the cycle of Judges and why this is occurring so often in the book of Judges? They first rebel against God, then God sends an oppressor to attack them, then they get distressed and repent, then God delivers them with a Judge and then there is peace for a while. This happens a lot throughout the book because there are many things in the world to tempt the people from turning from God. 4. Throughout all of the books for this exam the people of Israel rebel against God in many ways gives 5 examples of this, list chapter and verses if possible. The whole book of Judges is an example of this because time and time again the people don’t listen to God and have to have a new judge come to their rescue. Joshua 7 tells the story of Achan who disobeyed God’s commands and stole from the city of Jericho instead of burning it all down. 1 Samuel 2 talks about Eli and his wicked sons and how they do everything they can to make the Lord angry. David also rebels against God when he takes so many foreign wives and concubines and doesn’t make them follow his God. Many of David’s sons rebel against God and their father by trying to be king or killing their brother’s etc… 5. I am the song born to Boaz and Ruth and am very significant in later generations. Obed
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Joshua – 1 Kings 11 Student Study Questions Who Am I?: I was the Lord's anointed, even though He rejected me as king towards the end of my reign. [Saul] Essay: Give reasons why so much conflict arose between David and Saul. [David could not kill Saul because Saul was the anointed king, yet Saul wanted David dead. David was anointed king while Saul was still reigning. The people liked David better on the whole/the Lord was with David -- Saul was jealous of him.] T/F: The main point of interest in Ruth is the genealogy of David. [True] Multiple Choice: According to CTBGP, it is evident that when the Israelites asked for a king,: a) God was overjoyed that He could have a break! b) they took God aback -- He hadn't expected them to do that! [c) God was unhappy because of their wicked intent.] d) God didn't say anything. Frankly, He couldn't have cared less. Short Answer: Briefly explain the cycle of the people of Israel during the time of the Judges. [People worshiped God, people turned from God, God punished people, people cried out to God, God delivered people, people worshiped God.] (Fill in the Blank) 1. Israel asked for a king and Samuel is the one that anoints me. I later disappoint my people and cause many battles because I am not doing what God is asking of me.
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Joshua-1kings11 review questions - Joshua – 1 Kings 11...

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