Employees by Location 2

Employees by Location 2 - T01 $65,000 F Good 50000 Brown...

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EmployeeID LastName FirstName LocationID TitleID Salary Gender Performance 10000 Milgrom Pamela L02 T02 $57,500 F Average 11111 Adams Jennifer L01 T03 $19,500 F Average 12345 Poole Edward L04 T01 $40,000 M Good 20000 Johnson James L03 T01 $47,500 M Good 22222 Coulter Tracey L01 T02 $100,000 F Good 30000 Marlin Billy L04 T02 $125,000 M Good 33333 Smith Mark L03 T01 $42,500 M Average 40000 Manin Ann L02 T01 $49,500 F Average 44444 Smith Francine L05
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Unformatted text preview: T01 $65,000 F Good 50000 Brown Mark L01 T03 $18,500 M Poor 55555 Frank Vernon L04 T01 $75,000 M Good 60000 Rubin Patricia L02 T01 $45,000 F Average 77777 Marder Kelly L03 T01 $38,500 F Average 88888 Grauer Bob L05 T02 $150,000 M Excellent 99999 Bragg Cheryl L05 T01 $50,000 F 00000 Street Brian L05 T01 $50,000 M...
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  • Spring '08
  • Ellis
  • Given name, Ann Coulter, Pamela Jennifer Edward James Tracey Billy Mark Ann Francine Mark Vernon Patricia Kelly Bob Cheryl Brian, Good Good Average, Poor Good Average, Marder Grauer Bragg
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