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Employee Master List by Title Title Account Rep Education Required Four year degree Description A marketing position requiring a technical background. Employees begin with a fixed salary, then switch to a combination of salary and commission. LastName FirstName Salary Performance Location OfficePhone Charles Kenneth $40,000 Poor Boston (617) 123-4444 Frank Vernon $75,000 Good Orlando (407) 555-5555 Grauer Bob $150,000 Excellent Orlando (407) 555-5555 Johnson James $47,500 Good Chicago (312) 444-6666 Manin Ann $49,500 Average Boston (617) 123-4444 Marder Kelly $38,500 Average Chicago (312) 444-6666 Poole Edward $40,000 Good Orlando (407) 555-5555 Rubin Patricia $45,000 Average Boston (617) 123-4444 Smith Francine $65,000 Good Atlanta (404) 333-5555 Smith Mark $42,500 Average Chicago (312) 444-6666 Title Manager Education Required Four year degree Description A supervisory position requiring at least 5 years in the company or an
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Unformatted text preview: equivalent industrial experience. Primary responsibility is to help the Account Reps in a sales capacity. LastName FirstName Salary Performance Location OfficePhone Adamson David $52,000 Poor Chicago (312) 444-6666 Coulter Tracey $100,000 Good Atlanta (404) 333-5555 Marlin Billy $125,000 Good Orlando (407) 555-5555 Milgrom Pamela $57,500 Average Boston (617) 123-4444 Title Trainee Education Required Two year degree Description An entry-level position in which the employee interns at several functional areas in the corporation. The normal training period lasts approximately one year. LastName FirstName Salary Performance Location OfficePhone Adams Jennifer $19,500 Average Atlanta (404) 333-5555 Brown Mark $18,500 Poor Atlanta (404) 333-5555 Wednesday, November 21, 2007 Page 1 of 1...
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  • Master's degree, Amtrak, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Boston Orlando Orlando Chicago Boston Chicago Orlando Boston Atlanta Chicago

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