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Lecture 31: Prophets to the North and Assyria I. Jonah A. Historical background – Assyria is where modern day iraq is along with modern day Baghdad. They are the main bad guys. Very vicious and they way that they keep people in there. Evidence of Prophecy. Ibri.org. Assyrian empire collapse after they started to fight against each other slowly. The lions started with the Assyrians. Lions pit. Nineveh was the capital of it. Jonah-II kings 14:25 jeroboam and the looming presence of Assyria. 1. time of Jeroboam II (II Kings 14:25)stele, shalmanezer the third and the other dude are the ones that defeat the northern kingdom. 2. Assyria looming on the horizon - Nineveh B. Purpose of the book - a comprehensive demonstration of God's sovereignty – shows his sovereignty over the nations. God is the one that controls the throwing of the dice…chance events are really under the hand of the Lord. C. God's command to Jonah/Jonah's "logical" disobedience he goes west instead of east. he didn’t want the enemies to repent, he wanted them to be judged. D. The storm, the sea, and the fish - Jonah was rescued by the fish the fish is not punishment, it was to keep him alive. E. The repentance of Nineveh and the lesson to Jonah jonah didn’t want them to repent, he wanted them to be judged. he is on part of the land, very hot, plants grows and covers him. then the worm killed it. even our enemies. F. Jesus' application of Jonah's time in the great fish - "the sign of Jonah" (Mt 12:39-41; 16:4; Lu 11:30) jeremiah 18:7-10. the pharoses. Tells them that they will not get any more signs of jonah, but he said that about himself as he is in the belly of the earth for
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Lecture_Thirty_one___Prophets_to_North_and_Assyria -...

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