Exegetical Analysis Paper Guidelines

Exegetical Analysis Paper Guidelines - EXEGETICAL ANALYSIS...

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EXEGETICAL ANALYSIS PAPER RS201-01 New Testament Literature Kerry H. Wynn, Ph.D. Purpose of the Paper: The Exegetical Analysis Paper is designed to develop skills in using biblical translations and critical commentaries in researching the literary, historical, linguistic, and sociological background of a biblical passage. The student should learn how to determine the original meaning of a biblical passage as the foundation for understanding its significance for the contemporary context. The paper should be the material upon which later interpretation and application can be built. The paper should be written so that a fellow college student reading it would gain an understanding of the original meaning of the text. Nature of the Paper: The paper may address any biblical passage found in the New Testament. The passage should be 3 to 5 verses in length and must be approved by the instructor in advance. The passage should be a coherent self contained unit but may require addressing the broader literary context for understanding the passage. The paper should reflect the comparison of three translations and reference to two critical commentaries. You are basically writing your own critical commentary of your passage. You may include some interpretation or application in a brief conclusion, but the purpose is to identify the meaning of the passage in its original context. Guidelines for the Paper:
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Exegetical Analysis Paper Guidelines - EXEGETICAL ANALYSIS...

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