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Arthur Landmesser Michael Mendoza 2/5/2008 – ENLG 111 Plato’s Phaedrus Speakers always relied on rhetoric to rally their cause. This may come most commonly from a politician, but also for anyone who believes in a special cause. While this reliance on rhetoric is useful, it is ultimately a fallacy. It can subtract from the honesty of what they want to get across, and put false beliefs in their minds’. In Plato’s Phaedrus , Socrates teaches Phaedrus, and the reader, the nature of human love by unconventionally manipulating rhetoric, recognizing the potential of this tactic to fully embrace and educate him. Phaedrus has heard a speech written by Lysias, and falls in love with it. Socrates hears the speech from Phaedrus about lovers and non-lovers by Lysias, and sees an opportunity to teach a handsome young man a lesson about how to be aware of poetic language. In the act of teaching Phaedrus about the misleading notion of rhetoric, Socrates uses some misleading notions himself. Lysias’ speech gave the message that one should not do favors a lover over a non-lover, for the lovers become mad and jealous, whereas non-lovers are giving, which is favorable. Phaedrus passionately adores this speech, and hopes to have Socrates’ approval. Socrates sees the sensitivity in Phaedrus when it comes to this speech, so instead of his approval, Socrates says his own speech with practically the same thesis, and arguably better style, which proves Lysias’ speech unordinary. A problem occurs when Socrates, in order to teach young Phaedrus about 1
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Plato - 1 Arthur Landmesser Michael Mendoza 2/5/2008 ENLG...

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