LIN HW #1 - believe it is a normal word and should be used...

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Craig Miller LIN 306 (42135) September 12, 2007 Chapter 1 Exercises 2. Grammatical a.) Robin forced the sheriff to go. i.) Nancy is eager to please. Ungrammatical f.) He came a large sum of money by. -Ungrammatical because end sentence in preposition. g.) Did in a corner little Jack Horner sit? -Order k.) It is eager to love a kitten. -Wrong verb 5. These two statements are not equally probable. Language has and indefinite number sentences because there are so many ways words can be put together to make sentences. Words on the other hand are limited. There are only a handful of morphemes that can be put together to make a word. The English language has so many words that it is almost impossible to know every single one. That is why learning a new word is much more probable than learning a new sentence. 9. “Ain’t” is a word commonly used by my friends and I although we know the word is grammatically incorrect. My experience growing up in a small Texas town has led me to
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Unformatted text preview: believe it is a normal word and should be used in conversation because my parents, teachers, and peers all use the word. If almost everyone I know uses the word, shouldn’t it actually be a word? I personally cannot say “am not” because it doesn’t sound correct in everyday language. Chapter 3 Exercises 2. b.) be + friend + ed e.) en + dear + ment g.) un + palat + able i.) grand + mother k.) mis + treat + ment 3. a.) noisy crow – 3 b.) scarecrow – 1 c.) the crow – 6 Page 2 d.) crowlike – 5 e.) crows – 4 5. a.) um b.) aba c.) fazi – married woman fani – boy zali – parent fundisi – teacher bazi – carver limi – farmer dlaili – player fundi – reader 6. a.) kali – 2 b.) kwahmilimes – 1 c.) ipelomes – 2 d.) nomahkwames – 5 e.) pelo – 1 9. a.) lagaga savavali pese b.) Repeat the middle morpheme to make singular into plural. 14. a.) 16. a.) e b.) suffixes c.) denizen d.) de + niz+ im + de – 4...
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LIN HW #1 - believe it is a normal word and should be used...

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