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notes for feb thir mcs

notes for feb thir mcs - bumbling idiot • Image Timeframe...

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Notes for 2/13/08 By James Madison The bosom of the republic …Pg 106 living in northern ghettos and southern plantations , - made it seem like white people are taking care of them they are none the less part of America they were still second class citizens Children inherited the class of their mother’s status as either free or a slave Only 1% in north were black Along with being viewed as childlike black were also looked at as being criminals Sambo fulfilled the purpose of giving white superiority ( attitudes become public policy, it’s a great mascot to show that slavery is good for the black people) Zip coon was created to show that emancipation was a big mistake, dangerous or a
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Unformatted text preview: bumbling idiot • Image, Timeframe, Impact; sambo timeframe =slavery and the impact is that slavery is a good thing, ( so happy they would even dance on the auction block) • Sambo who was he? what was his content ?when was he created? why what was his impact has it diminished or is that image lasting ( the visual sambo is gone but some of the ideas are still around) • Zip coon supported alcohol dice and knives • Jim Crow was a set of laws in the south that dictated what blacks could and couldn’t do… too many blacks in a group , dancing, singing ( if were suspicious we must be up to something) •...
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