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coa 1060 - 9.26 Palladio

coa 1060 - 9.26 Palladio - Used fronts of temples with tall...

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Palladio Why is Palladio so famous? So influential? How does architecture work? What makes people react to buildings in certain ways What is so great about his buildings Most of Palladio’s work was done near Venice Pedagogical: It appears that Palladio is the most influential architect in designing Western Architecture. Do you see, in the future, a class with more emphasis on Palladio alone? Before: not very symmetrical or proportional, a lot can be moved around Palladio : organize building conceptually, place windows in middle, base-middle-top, plan cannot change very much, doosr and windows in center of room . very little on outside you can move with no consequences . once whole system is in place, it is fixed
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Unformatted text preview: Used fronts of temples with tall columns, on designs for houses Palladio argued the temple design first came from a house There is a lot of variation between the plans Middle bay carries salons Side rooms carry rooms – sequence of large rooms and small rooms Numbers he put in the plans had to do with music theory If you design rooms like this, they will carry the same musical harmony Viual engagement Compilation done in planes Visually mesmerizing – you can look at it for a long time and analyze it Influenced buildings over time Monticello Building done in 1710 in England...
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