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coa 1060 - 9.14 CGIS

coa 1060 - 9.14 CGIS - Geographic Information Systems...

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Geographic Information Systems: Whenever Where Matters Steven French One of six research centers in COA GIS: a system of hardware and software that links mapped objects to descriptive information that tells about that object Data records tied to areas on a map Technologies GIS – geographic information systems Remote Sensing ??? GPS – triangulates with satellites Wireless – ties the stuff together electronically Internet – frame used to bring technologies together Emerging environment Ubiquitous data availability Automated data acquisition Location-based services – use your locational context to give you information relevant to where you are Enterprise collaboration – collaboration of archs, engineers, etch Urban planning Inventory exisiting conditions – whats there today Project future conditions – whats expected to come . where to put the people Analyze consequences – what if we put them here …
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