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Politics Notes 11 29 06 42-45% spent on education Public education and higher accounts for all most half of the entire Texas budget 1/3% goes to health and human services 7% to public safety and criminal justice 9% to transportation Biannual budget, 65 billion Tea is the executive branch of elected officials that run the educational system Education is political Everything in Texas is political (almost) The Texas Education Agency sets up the curriculum for any state school. Texas teachers are dissatisfied of their salary and money spent for students 30,000 many teachers leave after the first 5 years, new teacher hard to recruit Public school funds are provided by in large by property taxes and hen 5-10% from gov All royalties that come from land go to state education
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Unformatted text preview: Robin hood where wealthy school districts have their money sent over to the poorer school districts Tx has a high dropout rate Health and human services a third of the budget from texas comes from the government. Most of the money from the federal government goes into health and human services. Texans are frugal about how they spend their money. Medicade is the most expensive medical program the federal program spends about 70 percent of it state pays for about 1/3 of it. Texans dont like social welfare, Texans are individualists. Social Security is the largest federally funded programs, the single largest. Most of the money go to the wealthier people....
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