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The US Constitution and Liberty vs Equality The US Constitution reflects the enduring characteristics of the American people. We tend to be pragmatic, present-minded, problem-oriented and stubbornly individualistic. We are less interested in theory than in what works; we worry more about the present than about the gloom or glories of the past; and we see the future in terms of challenges to be overcome. This outlook permeates not only our government, but our personal and business lives. The Constitution is not be confused with the Declaration of Independence, a glowing piece of propaganda that sought the approval of the world. There is no sentiment in the Constitution, just a very practical plan for self-government by free individuals. The US Constitution is pragmatic, not filled with aspirations. It deals with what we can & will do, the possible… not hopes & dreams, or mystic national goals. It was deliberately written broad-brush, and deals largely with what government may not do, otherwise it was drawn by
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