ten commandments - It's a battle not written in stone...

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It's a battle not written in stone SHERRI DAY Published January 3, 2007 CROSS CITY - To government officials, it was a simple request: A local business owner wanted to donate a monument of the Ten Commandments and place it on the steps of the Dixie County Courthouse. The commissioners, all professed Christians, approved the gift and its placement outside the building in the center of town that is home to several government agencies, including the County Commission. The monument, a chunk of black granite, went up after Thanksgiving. It stands more than 5 feet tall, weighs 6 tons and cost $20,000. Word about the rock spread, all the way to Gainesville, leading atheists and agnostics there to contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They are threatening a lawsuit if the commission doesn't reverse itself and remove the monument. There's just one problem: the foundation can't find anyone in this rural county of roughly 14,000 residents to participate in the proposed lawsuit. Locals are unlikely to back the foundation's efforts, confirmed Shelly Cannon, who works in the courthouse. "Mostly our big flak has been from people in big cities," Cannon said. "One guy from Tallahassee came all the way down here to tell every office that he supported it. You're going to have some non-Christians, but if people practiced it, the world would be a better place." All the posturing on both sides has made Dixie County the latest battleground in the debate over the separation of church and state. News crews from across the country have taken notice. In late November, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes featured a debate between the county's former attorney and a University of Florida atheist. National newspapers, including the Washington Post, have called townspeople for interviews. Supporters from all over the country, including
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ten commandments - It's a battle not written in stone...

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