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Politics 11 27 06 - poor Regressive – takes more from the...

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Politics 11 27 06 Financing Policy initiatives are a government response to public wishes. Powers to tax spend and borrow is all in the legislature. Policy in America coercive, to be governed. B/c of the social contract, protection and services. They get the money by taxing us. Fiscal – government money Biannual budget in Texas because of the legislature meets every 140 days. The legislative budget board they make the budget composed of 10 members of the legislature that works year round. Lt.Governor, Speak of the House, and 4 members of the senate and house. It works year round and formulates the budget. Texas has to have a balanced budget, Tx legislature can not spend more than it takes in. Because of Ej Davis. Revenue – all the money that comes in to the government Expenditures/Appropriation – No one can spend texas money unless its passed and signed by the governor to spend texas money. Taxes progressive and regressive Progressive – is like income tax at the national level, take more money from the wealthy than the
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Unformatted text preview: poor. Regressive – takes more from the poor than the wealthy The 6.25% general sales tax is where the revenue comes in for texas. (Regressive) Benefit principle/ users tax – you pay a tax if you use it ie: gasoline Regulatory/ sin tax – sin taxes are placed by the majority of people who believe we should not do these things ( cig/beer) Regulate peoples behavior 60% of revenue is the income tax for the nation Property taxes are source of revenue for local governments Influence policy making and loop holes for their groups – special interest groups About 1/3 of total budget comes from the federal government/ grants. For highways The wealthy elite always go on Earmarked and dedicated- the framers earmarked/dedicated most of the funds that we take in. Education, public education k-12 and higher education is 45% of Texas budget 1/3% of budget goes to health and human services, most of federal money goes to that....
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Politics 11 27 06 - poor Regressive – takes more from the...

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