Supreme Court Ruling on Speeding Driver

Supreme Court Ruling on Speeding Driver - The New York...

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The New York Times May 1, 2007 Court Backs Police in Chase That Hurt Driver By LINDA GREENHOUSE WASHINGTON, April 30 — The police did not violate a speeding driver’s rights by ramming his car and causing an accident that left him permanently paralyzed, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday by a vote of 8 to 1. Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia said that despite the fact that the 19-year- old driver was suspected of nothing more than speeding, the decision to force him off the road was reasonable in light of the need to protect pedestrians and other drivers from “a Hollywood-style car chase of the most frightening sort.” The justices took the unusual step — a first for the court — of posting on the court’s Web site the 15-minute video of the chase, recorded by a camera mounted on the squad car’s dashboard. A link to the video in the case, Scott v. Harris, No. 05-1631, is at . Justice Scalia said the videotape demonstrated the danger posed by the efforts of the driver, Victor Harris, to elude the police on a narrow and winding Georgia road. Justice Scalia added that the federal appeals court in Atlanta, which ruled that Mr. Harris was entitled to a jury trial on his constitutional claims against the sheriff’s deputy who forced him off the road, should have viewed the tape with more care rather than accept Mr. Harris’s version of how the chase proceeded. Mr. Harris’s benign description of his actions during the chase, which according to Justice Scalia gave the impression that he was “attempting to pass his driving test” rather than fleeing the police, was “blatantly contradicted by the record so that no reasonable jury could believe it,” the justice said. The lone dissenter, Justice
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Supreme Court Ruling on Speeding Driver - The New York...

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