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Unformatted text preview: Scholarship Opportunity: Travel to the EUROPEAN UNION May 15-23, 2007 Scholarship covers airfare, lodging, most meals, and excursion costs The UTSA Department of Political Science and Geography announces a competitive scholarship for students interested in a 9-day study tour on European politics and geography. The origins and future of the 25-member EU will include visits to The EU’s main governing bodies in Brussels and Strasbourg, and to major cultural sites in Paris and Heidelberg. The department will select 10-15 students; a faculty member will accompany students on the trip. Independent study credit is possible (to be arranged by student). Requirements: Must be enrolled in POL 1013, 1133, or 1213, or in GRG 1013, 1023, 2613, or 2623 during spring 2007. Good academic standing with overall GPA of 2.5 or higher....
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