T3 Study Guide Spring 2007 - TEST 3 STUDY SHEET INTRO TO...

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TEST 3 STUDY SHEET INTRO TO AMERICAN POLITICS -- POL 1013.007 SUSAN ROOMBERG -- SPRING 2007 Chapter 11: Congress 1. Define the following terms: “franking” privilege Divided government cloture constituent filibuster Pocket veto veto gerrymandering oversight Distributive bill redistricting reapportionment Logrolling Delegate philosophy of representation Trustee philosophy of representation seniority Pork Bill Legislative veto Sunset law incumbent Congressional Budget Office General Accounting Office Congressional Research Service Standing Committee Joint Committee Select Committee Conference Committee Subcommittee 2. List and explain the three different functions of Congress. 3. How are chairmen and members selected for each type of committee in the Senate and in the House? What does the House Rules Committee do? Explain how the seniority system works relative to committee appointments. 4. Name and describe each leadership position in both houses of Congress. Discuss the role of each position. Who is the Speaker of the House? Who is the President of the Senate? 5. What steps does a bill go through to become law? Include the actions of the President. 6. What are the formal requirements to serve as a representative or senator? What constitutes a “typical” representative or senator? 7.
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T3 Study Guide Spring 2007 - TEST 3 STUDY SHEET INTRO TO...

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