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Study Sheet For Gerontology

Study Sheet For Gerontology - Study Sheet For Gerontology...

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Study Sheet For Gerontology Chapters 1-4 Chapter 1 Definitions of aging : Chronological Aging - # of years since birth Biological Aging - changes in organs and cells Psychological Aging - changes in cognitive processes & mental functioning, attitude, etc Social Aging - social roles, relationships, and contexts Perspective On Aging : Biological - genes, lifestyles and environmental influences on aging Sociology - societal norms, cultural contexts, status, population demographics Psychological - cognition, emotions, adaptability, self-concept, lifespan view Philosophical - personal meaning, spirituality, ethnics *Demographic – a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broke down by age or sex or income or etc) Historical Views Of Old Age : - ( Ancient Times ) Old Age was considered to be 35; if you lived into your 40’s you were treated with respect and awe, honored ceremonially and socially as keepers of the memories. o Why Theories: First, honoring old people and one’s ancestors is believed to have been an inherent family value. Second, because so few people lived into later life, old age came to be seen as a marker of exclusivity. Thirdly, being older you were perceived to be closer to death and you served as mediator between this world and the next.
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- Old Age Status and prestige linked to wealth, control of land, knowledge and health - After 5 th century in BC in Greek and Roman cultures old age was seen as distasteful time of decline and decrepitude. - In harsh environments, elders were a burden to nomadic tribes; you were seen that you outlived your life for the next life and became a burden to the current society -
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Study Sheet For Gerontology - Study Sheet For Gerontology...

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