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Spano 1 Jessica Spano English 102 #60S Compare and Contrast What’s Different? What’s Similar? : Two Album Covers Music can differ in many ways. Various elements of music compare and contrast to make one band or artist different from another. This can range anything from the instruments used to the genre type. Much like music, albums posses the same qualities, however, with a different purpose. Albums can be used to attract a certain crowd, portray a unique story, or make a simple statement. They can be either bold or dramatic, but they can also be mellow and soft. Ultimately, like the music inside, albums can be very different, but most always can share many qualities nonetheless. Taking Back Sunday’s albums Where You Want to Be and Notes From the Past can best be used to represents the qualities within an album cover that make for an interesting compare and contrast. Both album covers each have roads that can represent journey, discovery, and past and future motives and goals. Taking Back Sunday is a band that has been together for a long time therefore; the roads on both albums can represent their togetherness. The roads on each of the covers are very barren and desolate, which creates a very bleak yet nostalgic mood. This can represent their lack of knowledge or understanding of what to
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Compare&Contrast - Spano 1 Jessica Spano English 102...

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