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Final EDU essay

Final EDU essay - certain things instead of just reading...

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Our group decided to use Visual Learning as a whole. We realized that the different visual techniques cannot be singled out and used alone, so we combined all the techniques and input our own individual use. Brynna took her notes from class and translates them all into her own words. After she has translated it she puts into a powerpoint for review purposes. This technique involves seeing the words and pictures along with her notes to help her remember information better. Kristina uses more maps and diagrams. She organizes information and notes she has from classes into different venn diagrams, and organized maps that describe the relationship between different information. This helps Kristina see the relationship of
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Unformatted text preview: certain things instead of just reading information. The venn diagram helps compare and contrast notes and information to help her review and draw conclusions. Jessica likes to use study sheets and pictures. The study sheets help her remember what she wrote from both her notes and when typing the sheet. The pictures just help her see the information instead of words just writing on a paper. The study sheets along with the pictures can help her visually see things to make it easier when it comes to test taking. In conclusion we combined all of our different techniques and decided to present it in a powerpoint slide. Combining our different learning strategies helps us study and learn more efficiently as a student....
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