Karl Marx writes in the Manifesto of the Communist Party abou

Karl Marx writes in the Manifesto of the Communist Party abou

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Scott Welch May 5, 2005 Classical German Political Philosophy Dr. Kinlaw Marx: Proletarians and Communist Karl Marx writes in the Manifesto of the Communist Party about a society of bourgeoisie and proletarians. He comments on the relationship of these two groups of people, the former the rulers, the later the ruled. Marx devises a concept of this relationship as a broken relation which creates more disjointing than one of a communist nature. He develops this idea primarily on the basis of political economy and how it relates to class rule. This idea of class rule is looked to immediately in the first section, titled Bourgeois and proletarians. “The history of all society up to now it the history of class struggles.” He alludes to distinct societies in which there was a ruling class and a ruled class. Marx also states in all history the oppression placed upon the ruled class led to an eventual uprising and overthrow of the current oppressors and reframing of the society’s structure. The most recent overthrow led to the social order he believes to be the most daunting. This new society is on which is based on the bourgeoisie and proletarians. The explanations he provides for this society being the most unnerving is primarily formed in terms of economics. He says this is seen in the evolution of production, industry, the expansion of world dominance in a global market and misuse of this dominance. Marx believes these conditions will lead the bourgeoisie society to a downfall. He resembles
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the dominance possessed to that of a powerful sorcerer. Once too much power and greed is possessed, the ability to contain the power begins to crumble. For the modern reader, one may be able to see where Marx was understandably correct in some of this assessment. The bourgeoisie have dominated world trade. This is in terms of production, utilization and control over the workers who use and produce. The idea can be seen in modern day factories and/or any other production affiliated employment. When a company is not producing enough to make the bourgeoisie fat, it is overruled and new technology takes over. This continual overthrow of businesses and countries economics potentially contains the ammunition for revolution. This is the idea Marx tries to point out when he discusses the ruled class. But, who are these businesses and countries the bourgeoisie practice their control
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Karl Marx writes in the Manifesto of the Communist Party abou

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