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HUMEOUTLINE - V Introduce modern views on this topic In...

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Scott Welch Topic Outline: David Hume/ Causation October 30, 2006 Thesis: The paper will explore David Hume’s philosophy on doubts and in particular the notion of causation. I. Introduction: brief overview of his philosophy II. Premises, and definitions, on which he builds from A. origin of ideas B. association of ideas III. Skeptical doubts A. relations of ideas B. matters of fact IV. Solution to doubts A. Custom or Habit B. Imagination/ belief
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Unformatted text preview: V. Introduce modern views on this topic. In particular, ideas of scientific community and psychologist. Including information on quantum mechanics and the idea that there is no causal relation for the beginning of an impulse and what it will cause. This line can not be traced. VI. Conclusion: Review of Hume’s concepts and how it relates to modern science and philosophical views....
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