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Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr. Stafford English 1301 13 August 2002 The Problem with Children There is an alarming increase in the amount of complaints coming from parents and teachers about the way children are behaving these days. As a result of their continuous questioning there have been huge increases in the amount of research and developmental programs geared towards finding the cure to this very well known disorder. This disorder is known as Attention Deficit Disorder, and it consists of many sub-categories of existence. Due to all of the recent research on this disease many questions have been answered, as well as many more developed. Doctor’s and scientist’s alike have developed new ways of assisting parent’s and teacher’s to cope with the disease as well as inventing new ways of testing an individual for it. All of these advances have also expanded the definition of Attention Deficit Disorder, the medications used in treating individuals with it, and the behavioral therapies clinical therapist are continually improving upon to help restore order in these individuals lives. There are countless amounts of books and other sources that list definitions upon definitions of Attention Deficit Disorder. Most of these sources only list the medical symptoms of the disease and seem to make an attempt to be unoriginal and vague. However, in an interview with Dr. Jami Adams, a pediatrician of two and a half years, a clear and informative definition was finally found. She stated that, “Attention Deficit just basically means that a child’s brain is wired differently. They will require more stimulation to keep them interested in things” (interview 1). With very common wording she was able to express what many other sources take up to half of a page to say. Her definition should not be used to substitute the importance of a
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Welch 2 true medical definition, but the disease has many different forms and Dr. Adams’ definition covers the majority of them in the most proficient manner. None of these definitions however, cover the any of the critical causes of Attention Deficit Disorder. The biological origins of Attention Deficit Disorder are limited to only a few certain causes but the list continues to grow everyday. One very evident source of the disease is genetics. In almost all cases of Attention Deficit Disorder one, if not both, parents have either been diagnosed with the disorder or have at some point in their lives experienced a few of the common symptoms. Many scientists and doctors are trying to pin point the exact root for the chemical imbalance of the disease, but thus far have come up with only a few good hints. Most of the other cases of the disorder fall into these categories; head injuries (which includes loss of oxygen to the brain), certain medications that heighten the disorders symptoms, and during the hormonal changes associated with puberty the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are greatly affected. However, not to be misleading, some of the symptoms associated with the
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Ritalin Final2 - Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr Stafford English...

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