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Scott Welch January 22, 2005 There are good reasons for the difference in stability when looking at conjugated systems and aromatic ones. The difficulty comes in explaining these reasons, so with that said sometimes it is just best to get the facts down and go from there. Conjugated systems must first be understood to better prepare for accepting facts about the more difficult aromatic system. A conjugated system is one of alternating double and single bonds. It has no restrictions on shape or size as long as the alternating bonds are represented. An aromatic system has the same alternating bonds, but it is restricted to ring form and certain other characteristics. Due to the conjugated systems lack of restrictions it has the possibility of having a beginning and an end (as in a straight chain alkene). The problem with this is that with energy moving in one direction or the other, there must come a time when it has to stop and turn back the other way. This causes more energy to be formed in the system
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