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Scott M. Welch November 13, 2005 Dr. Eppley Introduction to Christianity Marcion’s Belief: The Two God’s As described in the assignment, Marcion interpreted the Bible as presenting two unique Gods. There are many theories in today’s society which present similar and opposing views. The purpose of this paper is to dissect Marcion’s theory and determine from what has been presented in the Bible, and other readings, whether or not it holds any water. It will begin with a discussion about Marcion and his claims, then it will bring forth evidence from the Bible, and finally it will show whether or not, this author believes Marcion was correct in his opinion. The information on Marcion as displayed in “Turning Points” depicts a man who believes in the God of love, or as Marcion represents as the God of the New Testament. It states that in the beginning, the Church officials were interested in Marcion’s statements. However, once they received his full teaching, one that seemed to represent heresy, they quickly changed their tune. The problem with his teaching is that it portrays two separate and unique Gods, the God of war and the God of love. In his view, the Christian God was apart from the Judaism God, they were not one in the same. Church officials recognized this as a potential for a massive chasm within their faith. For this reason, the teaching Marcion offered was a cancer to the early Church, and officials recognized it was necessary to commit to a set teaching throughout the Church. Thus, ruling out any
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extreme views offered by other patrons. To fully understand why Marcion believed the two God’s to be different, several sections in the Bible may be called upon. First, the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, it is often believed that God is a jealous and vengeful one. Many sites from within this text seem to point directly to this fact. “I form light and create darkness, I make weal and create woe; I the Lord do all these things.” (Isaiah 45.7) A clear example of how this God is portrayed as spiteful. Other examples only seem to
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marcion - Scott M. Welch November 13, 2005 Dr. Eppley...

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