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John L schleier essay

John L schleier essay - Scott M Welch Dr Kinlaw Philosophy...

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Scott M. Welch Dr. Kinlaw Philosophy of Religion March 3, 2006 Article Review: Schleiermacher John L. Murphy presented a two part article titled Modernism and the Teaching of Schleiermacher in the June and July issue of The American Ecclesiastical Review. His work is a focus on the history of Schleiermacher studies and how his thought and teachings produced a large array of meaning for not only the Protestant religion, but also how the importance of his teachings affects the Catholic Faith. Most of the work is aimed at his understanding of Schleiermacher and how his ideas can be helpful towards the Christian Faith, rather than the typical misunderstandings theologians hold towards him and his teachings. The majority of this paper will take on the later portion of these two essays, starting with “His Philosophy of Religion.” It will analyze Murphy’s thoughts and perceptions on Schleiermacher’s theology and advance or correct any thoughts he fails to explore or present in the manner this author feels is correct. The article begins with the usual inlay of background information about Schleiermacher. He notes key information about the Modernist movement. This movement’s role in the Catholic faith was critical and brought forth many changes within the Church. The main concern he shows is summed up best by his statement, “this theological approach involved not only philosophical and theological principles opposed to Catholic faith, but also faulty historical and scriptural
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theories, and a dangerous application of this entire system to the liturgical and parochial life of the Church.” He furthers this thought for a brief time and suggests the following, “in regard to the philosophical starting-point, there can be little doubt that it ought to be traced back to Friedrich Schleiermacher.” This is the crux of this essay and he stems from here to further introduce Schleiermacher as a person, theologian and philosopher. After the historic background he starts his description of Schleiermacher’s Philosophy of Religion. This section of Murphy’s article deals mostly with the speeches Schleiermacher presented to the “cultured despisers.” His last sentence sums up the entire passage, “Hence what they “despise” is not religion at all, but only these external elements which they have mistakenly identified with religion itself.” It seems Murphy’s translation and work on this section follows directly from what Schleiermacher himself was trying to say. The key idea is that the despisers rejected religion as a whole, but what in fact they were rejecting was the way religion was presented to them, in particular the religious leaders. The idea here, as Murphy points out, is to throw out the doctrines and the preset notions about religion and start from scratch. This is exactly where he takes us in the next section.
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John L schleier essay - Scott M Welch Dr Kinlaw Philosophy...

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