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In the Third Section of Freidrich Schleiermacher's book, The Christian Faith, he imparts on the topic of Religious Self-Consciousness. This section is devoted to explaining the relationship of the world and God. The main point of this paper will be to look further in to his philosophy of this idea and in particular explore the idea of sin as viewed by Schleiermacher. This paper will set up a firm foundation of what religious self-consciousness is, how it affects humans and their relationship with God, the role of sin in this world and will conclude with several thoughts on how Schleiermacher's works have expanded this notion in Christian beliefs. In the opening proposition of the Third Section Schleiermacher states, "by perfection of the world nothing is to be understood here except what we must name so in the interests of the religious self-consciousness, namely, that the totality of finite existence, as it influences us (including also those human influences upon the rest of existence resulting from our place in the same), works
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schleier - In the Third Section of Freidrich...

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