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Scott M. Welch August 7, 2006 Dr. Wettemann History 2320 The End of World War Two and Onset of Cold War The victory that came for the Allied forces in World War Two was a product of many advantages they had over the Axis. The four main players that perpetuated the win were social, political, economic and military. The fortunate combination of these factors, in favor of the Allies, ensured a victory over Hitler and his cohorts. This victory, however, did not come without certain pitfalls. The politics and military operations of the Allied forces not only guaranteed victory in Europe and Asia, they also manifested a new type of threat in the Cold War. In order to see this manifestation the forces that brought about victory for the Allies must be explored. The first factor considered here is that of how society in America affected the outcome of the war. The people of the United States were still in the midst of the Great Depression at the onset of the Second World War. The country was slowly climbing out of the depression through government works and assistance programs that were aimed to put money back on the street. These programs were helping, but not enough money and resources were available to end the depression. This being the case, many Americans were forced to do laborious jobs and find ways to remedy problems they encountered with little to no help. (Brinkley Ch. 26) These two factors would become greatly valuable in the victory in Europe, as many military innovations were inspired by the hard work 1
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and inventive ideas of military men. It was also through innovative thinking that Roosevelt had maintained his presidency through the depression and on into the war. The political front prior to America’s involvement in World War Two was still
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4th essay - Scott M Welch August 7 2006 Dr Wettemann...

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