No Surrender

No Surrender - Scott Welch Dr. Wettemann Persons and...

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Scott Welch Dr. Wettemann Persons and Communities December 7, 2006 No Surrender The protagonist and author of No Surrender , Hiroo Onoda, was a brave and noble Japanese warrior. His life was spent living up to only the expectations of himself and of his beliefs. He displays many of the traits one associates with a national hero and these traits are well described throughout the story of his life. Lieutenant Onoda may be described as a man living the life of a Bushido warrior, displaying integrity and commitment towards his country and the mission to which he was assigned. This story details the plight he faced for living within the Bushido code, why he was willing to continue his fight, and how the traditional values of Japanese culture have been upheld by Onoda throughout all of his tribulations. From the outset of Mr. Onoda’s story it is easily understood that he was a man of integrity. He excelled at nearly all tasks he adventured in; from a boy learning the precise art of kendō, a swordsman style of fighting, to his first job as a businessman, and to his eventual role as an army officer. He dedicated his entire daily routine to ensure his success. For instance, as a kendō student he faced only one other student he could not beat. Near graduation from school he talks to his friend and says, “Look, I just can’t
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No Surrender - Scott Welch Dr. Wettemann Persons and...

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