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Scott M. Welch July 23, 2006 Dr. Wettemann History 2320 The progressive Movement and the Progressive’s “Young vagabonds, the natural offspring of such ‘home’ conditions, overran the streets… The Children’s Aid Society and kindred philanthropic organizations were yet unborn, but in the city directory was to be found the address of the ‘American Society for the Promotion of Education in Africa.” This passage taken from Jacob Riis is a sentiment of the times prior to the progressive movement. Riis’s book, How the Other Half Lives, is just one of the many sparks that lit the fire of the movement. But, who were the progressive activists and what was it they were in search of? The truth is there are many aspects of the reform and varying opinions on how successful it actually was. This paper aims to provide the answers of the above question and it will also provide justification for the success of the movement as a whole. Although it is uncertain who or where the progressive movement initially started, evidence suggests that the social activist whom began the movement were from the wealthy classes in America. The evidence for this idea lies in the understanding of the times. Individual reporters, muckrakers, were known to dig deep into the corners of America for social injustices. Their aim was to write exposés that would intrigue members of the upper class to read the material. For the reporters it was about profit, the more sensational the story, the more copies sold, and the more money in their pocket. 1
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What began as a sure money deal for the reporters, eventually struck an interest within the wealthier divisions. The typical progressive was a member of the middle class, someone who was well
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2nd Essay - Scott M Welch Dr Wettemann History 2320 The...

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