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Ritalin observation

Ritalin observation - Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr Stafford...

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Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr. Stafford English 1301 30 July 2002 Observation of Attention Deficit On Sunday morning, 28 July 2002, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Honkomp observation of their five and six-year old sons took place (the boys names were withheld as per request of the parents). This observance, was directed mostly towards the five-year old due to his recent diagnoses with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (from here forth, the five-year old son will be known as Subject 1, and the six-year old as Subject 2). The difference in behaviors was extremely noticeable through out the two and a half-hour session, which started at nine and ended at eleven-thirty. The first notable difference in behavior occurred soon after the study began. Around nine-fifteen, both subjects were watching “Power Puff Girls” on the television, about this time Subject 1 got up and began to run around, in a sort of dance. Shortly after this, Mr. Honkomp warned Subject 1 to stop his behavior, or he would be sent to time-out. Subject 1 refused to stop his disruptive behavior and was sentenced to five-minutes in time-out. While in
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