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Welch 1 Scott Welch Ms. Autry English 2321-02 28 September 2006 The Writings of Anne Bradstreet The life story of Anne Bradstreet is one that may only be properly told through the use of her writings. Her daily life was never well documented, yet the bits and pieces that have been acknowledged, along with her poems, are enough to give contemporary society an insight to who she was. The poems collected in The Norton Anthology of American Literature work together in an attempt to describe Anne Bradstreet, as a young woman, a devout to Christian, a loving wife, and a caring mother. This essay will unfold these aspects of her life through the use of her brief bibliography and her poetry. Anne Bradstreet was born during sixteen-thousand-twelve as Anne Dudley, in England. Her father, Thomas Dudley, was highly involved in varying aspects of the new world. He was also very instrumental in her development as a young woman, although uncommon at the time, Mr. Dudley made an effort to ensure his daughter received a formal education. At the age of sixteen she wed Simon Bradstreet, who happened to be a coworker of her father. The two remained in England for the first year of their marriage and at the age of eighteen the two, along with her family, traveled to the new world. Their mission was to strengthen a settlement for the Massachusetts Bay Company to operate from in the new world. The trip proved to be gruesome and the living conditions in the new world were difficult, especially for the young woman. Bradstreet had been stricken with rheumatic fever as a child and the new world seemed to bring with it, new
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Welch 2 sicknesses to her body. Nonetheless, her will remained strong and the love for her
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AnneBradstreet[1] - Welch 1 Scott Welch Ms Autry English...

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