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Scott M. Welch Mrs. Sorrells English 1302 Saturday, 9 November, 2003 “Uphill” “Uphill” is an allegory poem written by a Pre-Raphaelite poet named Christina Rossetti. The poem has a very defining symbolic tone and it is consistent with many of Rossetti’s other works. To truly understand the poem, a brief history of the poet and of the time in which she lived is needed. With this history one can imagine the mindset of the woman and of the time period in which the poem was written. Rossetti was born in London in eighteen thirty. She was one of four children of a poet by the name of Gabrielle Rossetti; all of the children eventually became writers. She was home schooled by her mother from an early age, and was subject to a very religious upbringing. It was during her younger years, some believe, that she was sexually abused by her father and that her faith was solidified. Although no factual evidence of this is available, her strong High Anglican views are perceived to be dependent upon this assumption. Christina began to write at a very young age, and some of her work was printed by her grandfather at the age of twelve. But, it was this poem that was her breakthrough piece, and gave her the initial boost into the elite. She was only fifty when her constant battles with Grave's disease had overcome her. Although she did not die, she was tempted into seclusion, and was very rarely seen by anyone. It was during her years of seclusion that some of her most magnificent pieces came to be, yet in eighteen
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rossetti - Scott M Welch Mrs Sorrells English 1302 Saturday...

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