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Kant outline - Theory of Freedom and several journal...

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Scott Welch March 26, 2007 Dr. Kinlaw Kant Outline The Refutation of Idealism I. Introduction a. In the introduction I will provide a short revisit on the topic of apperception and Kant’s method for proving this vital step in his aim of breaking down the skeptic’s argument. Once the base is set up, the question about how Kant refutes the skeptics claim will be introduced. II. Kant’s Refutation a. This section will analyze Kant’s Refutation of Idealism with a focus on Kant’s method. b. Once Kant’s method is explained, I will use some recent perspectives to expand and strengthen the original piece. Some work I intend to use includes: Peter Strawson (Bounds of Sense), Henry Allison (Kant’s
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Unformatted text preview: Theory of Freedom) and several journal articles spanning from 1983-2000, that will aid in the arguments given by the above texts. c. Potential pitfalls of Kant’s Refutation. In this section I will outline a couple of key arguments against the Refutation and how I believe Kant foresaw and answered these complaints in the Critique. III. Conclusion a. I will attempt to pull together the above sections and refocus the paper on Kant’s Refutation. In the conclusion I will examine my own understanding of this work and how it helps in identifying the real “I” that I have been searching for....
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