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What kind of "training" does the 2nd ALA Militia conduct? We hold monthly drill (training sessions). Our training covers all of the essential survival skills that are required to be a proficient Minuteman. Tactical Formations, Basic and Advanced Marksmanship, Weapons Care and Maintenance, Physical Fitness, Land Navigation, First Aid, and Basic Communications Equipment Skills are some of the topics we cover. Typically we will focus on two elements at each drill. Phisical Fitness/Tactical Formations are almost always on the schedule. We do monthly excursions in which we practice the ART of organized scouting, stealth, and evasion . Drill is generally held on a weekend at various locations. Check our drill schedule for dates and locations. The purpose of Militias of Americais to work for the restoration of all constitutional rights affirmed by the Constitution of the United States. We assert that all power is inherent in the people and it is our right and duty, to protect and defend this Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our success depends on the education of the American people of the threat posed by these enemies, who are working to subvert our Constitutional Republic. We are not advocating the overthrow of the U. S. Government, but we do advocate resistance to Unconstitutional legislation and executive orders. We also ADVOCATE resistance to the United Nations and to all forms of tyranny. All persons are welcomed in the Militias of America, the only requirement is a love of liberty, and a return to the ideals of our forefathers contained in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States Goals of the Pack 44 Militia Nebraska Be prepared for possible armagedon from the year 2000 problem To form a perfect nation that is truly gorvened by the people To eliminate any and all groups, foreign and domestic, that oppose our way of life To fight for what we believe To clense the nation of street gangs and violent minorities
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hayat - What kind of "training" does the 2nd ALA...

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