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autonomy society - Scott M Welch Dr Kinlaw Classical German...

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Scott M. Welch March 25, 2005 Dr. Kinlaw Classical German Political Philosophy Autonomy in Respect to Society In terms of society can there ever be a true autonomous being? This is the question that many philosophers have thought upon and some have even devoted their lives to it. In the next few pages the question will be looked at from a new generation of thinking and how it applies to the world as seen by a young thinker. To begin, the words from our question must be defined in a way that leaves no chance of misinterpretation. All of the definitions are provided by, any modifications of which are noted. For the term society two definitions will be used as a foundation for the papers analysis. (1) “A voluntary association of individuals dedicated to common ends,” and (2) “A colony or community of organisms, usually of the same species.” Both definitions tend to lead a reader in different lines of thought. For this paper society will simply mean, persons who have joined together in common ideals for the purposes of protection. This protection comes in forms of physical, mental and wealth. Autonomous is the second key word, and is defined as, “not controlled by others or by outside forces.” For the purposes of the paper this will be narrowed down to the following interpretation, complete and total rule of one’s self. The third word, being, is defined as, “to exist in actuality; have life or reality.” This definition will work well with 1
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the focus on exist in actuality. Now with definitions in place we need to focus the attention once again to the original question. Can there ever be a true autonomous being in society? The answer to this question, simply put, is yes. However, proving this as true is a little more difficult. There will be several scenarios to assist in the proof. After each scenario there will be a focus on the key themes. First and foremost, what constitutes one an autonomous agent? This is a question that begins with the definition of autonomy and ends with a realization that in most beings autonomy is present. To possess complete and total rule of one’s self is a simple idea. It is also a simple proof. Everyday when one makes a choice to do something, they are implementing the proof of being an autonomous agent as long as there are no outside forces involved in the decision making. To give two extremes of what would be considered autonomy and what would not the following two scenarios are provided. 1) A man wakes up Friday morning and has been out drinking the night before.
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autonomy society - Scott M Welch Dr Kinlaw Classical German...

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