billy joel the real deal

billy joel the real deal - Scott M Welch August 7 2006 Dr...

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Scott M. Welch August 7, 2006 Dr. Wettemann History 2320 (‘90- ‘98) Marion Barry, Noriega, John Gotti, Soviet falls, Gulf War, Rodney King, Kevorkian, Jeffrey Dahmer, Magic, Dead Sea Scrolls, LA Riots, America in Somalia, Clinton, Koresh in Waco, World Trade Center bombed, OJ, Woodstock, Whitewater, Oklahoma, Million Man March, Khobar Towers, Dolly, Tuskegee, Monica, Embassy bombings, I can’t take it anymore! (’99- ’06) War in Kosovo, Y2K, Hillary in the Senate, Andrea Yates, September 11, Anthrax, Afghanistan, Homeland Security Act, “Mission Accomplished”, California Recall, Hussein in a hole, Oil for Food, Abu Ghraib scandal, Indian Ocean Tsunami, Bush back again, Face transplant in France, Cheney and friends, Illegal immigrants protesting, North Korea tests, I can’t take it anymore! (’90-’98) Marion Barry- As the mayor of DC, Barry was busted in 1990 during an FBI drug sting. Since then he has held numerous positions in politics and has recently tested positive for cocaine and marijuana use. The reason he gains entry into the new version is for pure audacity. Noriega- In 1990 Noriega surrendered to the United States. He was the leader of Panama from 1983-1989 and was initially an ally of the US. The relations turned tense in the later
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He is currently in jail in Miami, Florida; he is on this list as a reminder of what the US can do if an ally turns bad. John Gotti- The once don of the Gambino family was arrested in late 1990. He was arrested for murder, conspiracy to commit, loansharking, racketeering, and many other crimes. He is on the list due to his appeal to the American people. He lived a lifestyle that is portrayed in the movies as something of glamour. Soviet Falls- In February of 1990 the Soviet government was slowly losing its stronghold. The communist party had begun a transfer of power and the USSR was slowly pulling back forces. This signified the ending of the Cold War. Gulf War- In August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait pushing the United Nations into a corner. Eventually the invasion would lead to the Gulf War, which was mostly over within one week of start up. The war was never completely finished and once the restrictions were put back on Saddam the UN all but abandoned the country. Rodney King- is an African American who was being arrested in LA, California in 1991. During his arrest the police officers were video taped beating him and imposing on his civil liberties. This was a huge part in media and an important case that changed laws on arrest and video tapes in police cars. Kevorkian- In 1991 he was barred from assisting people in committing suicide. Within a few years he would be in jail for doing just that. He is a strong proponent of euthanasia. This is a current debate amongst many medical practitioners and the reason he is in the
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billy joel the real deal - Scott M Welch August 7 2006 Dr...

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