Broken Spears

Broken Spears - Scott Welch Dr Wettemann Persons and...

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Scott Welch Dr. Wettemann Persons and Communities November 2, 2006 Broken Spears Broken Spears is an account of the Aztec community prior to and during the Spanish invasion of Mexico. The views represented in the book are important steps for understanding the culture of the people, how they came to know the Spaniards, and how the religions of both peoples led to a very unique war and conquest of a powerful civilization. This paper will detail the significance of these ideas with an emphasis on the context of religion within each. The most vital aspects in the destruction of the Aztecs were religious and cultural beliefs. The religion was polytheistic; the society was a form of monarchy. The people were considered beneath their kings and their gods, ritual sacrifice was common play for the pleasure of both. Broken Spears details these sacrifices, it describes the sacrificing of two captives in order to honor the return of King Motecuhzoma’s messengers after they spoke with the Spaniard Cortes. It says, “their breasts were torn open, and the messengers were sprinkled with their blood. It was done because the messengers had completed a difficult mission.” (Pg. 29) This is only one of many portrayals of the king’s power. It is described elsewhere, as he orders his crafters to make jewelry for the new
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Broken Spears - Scott Welch Dr Wettemann Persons and...

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