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Ritalin Interview - Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr. Stafford...

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Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr. Stafford English 1301 06 August 2002 Interview Name: Dr. Jamie Adams Location: Dyess Air Force Base Clinic Date/Time: 25 July 2002 at 3:30 in the afternoon Credentials: Dr. Adams received her M.D. at the University of Texas Medical Branch, in Dallas, Texas. Her specialty is pediatrics and she has been practicing for a little over two and a half years. Question: Dr. Adams how would you define Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Could you list some of the more common symptoms? Answer: Attention Deficit just basically means that a child's brain is wired differently. They will require more stimulation to keep them interested in doing things. The most common symptom that I have seen in children with Attention Deficit is that they are very easily distracted while in large groups (i.e.: school and sports). Question: Do you prescribe any medications to children you have diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder? If so, could you list the most common types? Answer: Yes I do prescribe medication to my patients diagnosed with Attention Deficit. There are three arms to the treatment of Attention Deficit. The first is medication only, the second is medication plus behavioral therapy, and the third is behavioral therapy only. The first and second have about the same results, the third rarely works and so medication is almost always necessary for any positive results. The most common drug
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Welch 2 is Methylphenidate (commonly known as Ritalin); others include Dextroamphetamine sulfate, known as Dexedrine, both of which are stimulants. For teenagers that often do not like the side effects of these drugs, they are usually prescribed anti-depressants along with one of the above drugs. Question: There are many other therapies that doctors use to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Do you recommend any of these treatments? If so, which do you feel are the most beneficial? Answer: Yes, I do recommend behavioral therapies; they are definitely beneficial. Usually when a child is diagnose as having Attention Deficit, I attempt to sit down with the parents and explain to them some of the actions they can do to help their children. Most individuals
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Ritalin Interview - Welch 1 Scott Welch Mr. Stafford...

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