Bio lab about enzymes

Bio lab about enzymes - Anita Ramnath Introduction In...

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1Anita Ramnath Introduction In living systems, enzymes function best at around 40 E C. This is true for the enzymes amidase and urease activity when plant materials are incubated at 37 E C, the enzymes function optimally. However, when the enzymes were frozen the amidase and urease activities decrease significantly as compared to activities of fresh plants. As with most enzymes, the amidase and urease were inactivated at above 60 and 70 E C. This is because with the increased heat, the enzymes got denatured and could not function as well (Frankenberger and Tabatabai 153). Cellular respiration begins anaerobically in the cytosol with glycolysis, where glucose is split and oxidized to become two pyruvic acids, 2 ATPs are produced during this process and the NAD are reduced to NADH. Then the pyruvic acids are taken shuttled into the membrane of the mitochondria, where it is made into Acetly CoA. Then it is moved into the matrix of the mitochondria where 1 or 2 ATP are made and 6 NADH are made, the Acetyl CoA are made into Oxaloacetate where they are shuttled into the electron transport chain into the inner mitochondria matrix. Here, cytochrome c oxidase, the terminal enzyme in the electron transfer chain reduces oxygen to water and 6 waters are formed, this is where 32-34 ATP are made (Frankenberger et. all). The purpose of this lab was to observe how the rate of aerobic respiration was affected by different situations in
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Bio lab about enzymes - Anita Ramnath Introduction In...

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