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ALS assignment #1 - ALS 101 Detective Assignment#1 Due...

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ALS 101 Detective Assignment #1 Due: Monday, September 17, 2007 While Cornell is well known for its rich history, long standing academic achievements, and fairly miserable winters, there is an aspect that not everyone has to opportunity to see . There is so much going on right here on campus today . We have new building being built and old collections being preserved . When it comes to great food right on campus, we are truly hard to beat . Not many other universities can claim they hold much, or any, competition to the Cornell dining experience . We have a wide array of different places to eat . Besides food, the scenery here at Cornell is absolutely beautiful . When I first decided to come to Cornell most of my friends and family had a this pretty immediate reaction: “Are you sure you will be able to handle all that snow? The winters up there are pretty brutal?” The moment they made this comment I knew they had never visited the campus . If only they had seen Beebe Lake, the foot bridge overlooking the waterfall, the green quads, the suspension bridges, and the numerous ivy covered buildings . Granted, I have not been here for a winter yet . I have not experienced an Ithaca winter, and yes I am scared . On the bright side I bought a really nice pair of snow boots I am excited to use, but that is off topic . If only my friends and family could have seen the breathtaking Cornell Campus that I have come to know and love could they ever appreciate it the way I do, in a way that makes the winters seem like a trivial break between the beauty .. The walk around Beebe Lake can only be described as tranquil and peaceful . The walk and the lake certainly have a calming effect on even the most stressful day . We went down to the lake to walk around, and it was beautiful for most of the walk . Towards the end, dark clouds started rolling in, so we sped up the pace to try to ensure that we wouldn’t be caught in a storm . In order to get to
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  • Fall '07
  • EARLE, B
  • Cornell University, Ezra Cornell, Burt Green Wilder, Dr. Burt Green, breathtaking Cornell Campus, Cornell dining experience

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ALS assignment #1 - ALS 101 Detective Assignment#1 Due...

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