Art History ( Short Essay, 25 mins, 40 pts)

Art History ( Short Essay, 25 mins, 40 pts) - In Caspar...

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In Caspar Friedrich’s, Two men contemplating the Moon really defines what it is like for a person to be one with nature. In the picture you can tell that there is really no individual identity beyond their relationship with the landscape and their German Garb. They are merely silhouettes in the picture and are really intensely gazing at the moon at the distance, with the ghoulish oak tree lurking adding to the atmosphere. As a viewer from outside of the painting, I understand their feelings about nature and how sometimes you get lost in its wonders. By being completely surrounded in the darkness, there is a mystical quality about the lighting which really embodies the Romantic ideals of beauty in a painting. Claude Monet was above any painter of landscape he understood the lighting and coloring of nature to an unparallel level. In his painting Water Lily pond, his main concern is with the observation of nature and him being actually present with the “model”. In the painting, there is a lack of motion indicating more vertical arrangements
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