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Jeffrey Michael Duncan Jr. Creative Technology- Alternative Energy With the World’s fossil fuels running low, oil is expected to run out in 37 years, coal in 300 years, and natural gas in 60 years. Society is in dire need of a new abundant source of energy, which is why scientists are looking at various new alternatives for energy. A fairly new alternative energy is wind energy. Not only is it a renewable resource, it is practically an unlimited one. According to David C. Holzman, writer for PubMed, “wind is the fastest growing alternative energy source behind natural gas in the United States.” It is also the fastest growing non fossil fuel energy source. Wind has been one of the first types of energy to be harnessed by mankind. As far back when boats were used as a common source of transportation, the wind was utilized as power, like the gas used in our cars, to transport people around by capturing it the might sails. Later, wind was used in windmills in order to achieve many tasks, such as cutting lumber, pumping water, and grinding grain. Wind may be rapidly growing through out the United State’s, however; it is still not a very popular alternative energy source, even with its unlimited abundance. The wind is caused by the sun constantly heating the Earth’s surface, and phenomenon this is known as the Coriolis Effect. The majority of the heat is captured at the equator where it later spreads towards the north and south poles of the earth. This spreading creates high pressure systems in the warm areas and low pressure systems in the cooler ones. These pressure systems then create wind as the warm air of the high
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creative tech - Jeffrey Michael Duncan Jr. Creative...

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