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Mike Duncan Log 3 In this article, Toyota moves out of its comfort zone for promoting hybrid sales in the northern or blue states into the southern or red states. Now that gas prices exceed three dollars, Toyota believes their Prius model might strike an interest in the motor sport crowd of the south. In order to convince this particular group of people into making a step towards saving the environment, Toyota is traveling the south with a large blue trailer with an exhibit on global warming and oil prices. This is a very bold move for Toyota, because this extremely expensive marketing campaign may not be able to turn enough people’s heads away from the big and fast mentality that they currently have towards their vehicles. This may be a good business decision for Toyota to make financially, but they have to have a small concern for the environment also. They are taking the time to educate society about the issues of
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Unformatted text preview: global warming, and that the public can help fight global warming by purchasing a hybrid. Toyota doesn’t have to be spending so much money advertising this particular vehicle in this specific area of the United States, when they can use these funds to advertise a much more desired car in this area and create more profit. By advertising this vehicle it shows this company’s commitment to preserving the environment. I feel that this company’s decision was ethically moral and shows that it is possible to help the environment and simultaneously turn an incredible profit. The proof lies in the fact that the Prius sales are far above the target number the company set up. Chon, G. (2007, October 3). Toyota Tries to Sell Priuses Where Tractors Are Sexy. The Wall Street Journal pp.B1,B12....
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