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Tiger Attack Summary - According to Rubenstein police...

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Stefan Doughty ENG 102 January 22, 2008 Summary of Tiger Attack Summary of Tiger Attack Article In a December 2007 San Francisco Chronicle article called “Tiger kills San Francisco Zoo patron, injures two others”, Steve Rubenstein reports a tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo that ended in one dead and two injured. He starts by telling that the tiger had already attacked about a year earlier. He says this attack occurred around five p.m., which is around closing time for this zoo. Rubenstein says the tiger managed to escape a very tall wall and grotto. He says the details of the attack are unclear at the time of the article’s publication.
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Unformatted text preview: According to Rubenstein, police officers found the animal and shot it to death. The two injured men sustained severe claw and bite marks. He says they weren’t questioned too much while at the hospital. He claims the attack last year was blamed on the zoo and not the tiger. The tiger, according to Rubenstein, chewed off the zookeeper’s flesh during a feeding demonstration. 1 Work Cited Rubenstein, Steve. “Tiger kills San Francisco Zoo patron, injures two others.” SFGATE.com. 2007. San Francisco Chronicle. 22 Jan. 2008 < http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? f=/c/a/2007/12/26/MN0LU4M2T.DTL >. 2...
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