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ALS assignment #4

ALS assignment #4 - ALS 101 Detective Assignment#4 The...

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ALS 101 Detective Assignment #4 The Information Interview Due: Wednesday, December 5, 2007 This assignment certainly proved to be a difficult one . It wasn’t necessarily that going down to the Career Development Office was difficult, or that any of the individual steps that were needed to acquire an interview were difficult . However, there seem to be several Cornell University graduates that would prefer to be left alone . The first person I e-mailed about an interview got back to me almost immediately . Unfortunately, their response was that he was simply too busy to be interviewed and wished me luck in finding another interview subject . The next person I sent an e-mail to did not respond that week, so I decided calling her office may speed things along . He assistant informed me that she was out of the country and would be for the next two weeks . So I moved on to a third possible person to interview . This woman’s name is Pamela Pacht, however her name while she was at Cornell was Pamela Degar . She was a nutritional science major and went on to work in the nutritional studies department at Nestle .
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