Geography Study Guide unit 3

Geography Study - Alluvial Fan fan shaped landform created by rivers at the base of steep slopes Bahada big landform caused when alluvial fans grow

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Geography Study Guide Unit 3 Karst - Topography peculiar to limestone areas and dependant on underground solution and diversion of surface water. Examples of diversion: fluoride, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Southern IL Things for good karst 1. soluble rock, dissolve, break down 2. strong 3. thin- bedded highly, jointed and surface area 4. entrenched streams, ground water moving fast 5. rainfall/water H2 CO3 = carbonic acid Terms Stalactite- down from ceiling, rock formations in caves come down from the ceiling Stalagmite- come up from the ground Internal Drainage- streams don’t go anywhere, base level is rising Bolson- area between fault mountains
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Unformatted text preview: Alluvial Fan- fan shaped landform created by rivers at the base of steep slopes Bahada- big landform caused when alluvial fans grow together Playa- Big area of land at the center of a bolson, after rain they fill up with water and form lakes Eolian- Process in making dunes through wind Ventifact- stone with a flat side Geomorphic Agents EX- streams- Deserts get thunderstorms, not often but when it rains, it pours- Atmosphere is easy for erosion *No river reaches the sea from Nevada Terms Barchan- ends of the sea point in the direction the winds are going, Asymmetric- formed in desert Blowout-...
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