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JFK Assassination Reese - Ryan Rees Eng 280 Sec 32 Jerry...

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Ryan Rees Eng. 280, Sec. 32 November 28, 2007 Jerry Hansen A Deadly Turn In America, or any other nation for that matter, the leader is viewed as the most important and powerful position. In almost all cases, great power goes hand in hand with corruption. The existence of corruption in the government is not a new concept and can be seen in any government throughout history. With this in mind, it is likely that government conspiracies exist as well. Perhaps the most famous conspiracy theory involves the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. However, there is substantial evidence that proves this theory to be the truth. After the assassination, many theories were developed to explain the reason for such a tragedy. Of the lot of them, the explanation that makes the most sense involves the old American Mafia. Kennedy managed to position himself on the bad side of several powerful mafia bosses of the time and anyone that has seen a gangster movie knows that this is the one place that should be avoided at all costs. Evidence proves that the mafia had reasoning and motivation to commit this crime. The organized crime network is responsible for the murder of John F. Kennedy. The relationship between the Kennedy family and the mafia all began with John F. Kennedy’s father, Joe “Papa Joe” Kennedy. Being highly involved with prohibition, Joe managed to accumulate an immense, illegal fortune. His involvement in smuggling illegal alcohol also led to his developing a friendship with then Chicago mafia boss, Sam Giancana. Eventually, Joe was able to convince Giancana that the help of the Kennedy family could be very beneficial to the mob. Joe persuaded Sam to get his son John elected president (Kelly 1). Giancana then stuffed the ballot boxes in Chicago so that John F. Kennedy would win the
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election for president. In their conversations, Joe claimed that if John was elected, “That Sam Giancana is elected, too. He’ll be your man. I swear to that. My son…the President of the United States…will owe you his father’s life. He won’t refuse you, ever. You have my word,” (Giancana 230). Unfortunately, once elected, Kennedy launched attacks against the mafia refuting everything that Joe had promised to Giancana. Giancana was also involved in an affair with John Kennedy’s partner, Judith Exner. This provided a connection between John and Giancana. The mafia also previously established connection with the United States Central Intelligence Agency. This connection came about with Kennedy’s and the CIA’s plot to assassinate the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. CIA agent Robert “Iron Bob” Maheu first called upon Johnny Roselli, a member of the Chicago Mob who relocated to Las Vegas, to aid in the carrying out of the assassination plot. Maheu offered $150,000 for “Castro’s removal,” provided the United States government was kept in the dark (Willing 1). Roselli then brought Giancana and Santos Trafficante, the controller of Cuban operations, into the bargain. Although the hit did
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